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Everything updated :)
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Absence of Light --> best song ever! brainstabber...
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Holy Moses.
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can you please do a remix of Dj D - Mankind Warnin...
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Gas met die zooi ! :D






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2015/07/18 | Toxic Sickness Interview
Q1 Ė Hi Erik, thanks for taking time out from your schedule to answer some questions. How are you ?

A1 Ė Iím good thanx, busy as always ;)

Q2 Ė You've been a DJ for a long time going back to the 80's but how did it feel playing your first real gig at Mysteryland, were you nervous ?

A2 Ė That is a long time ago, it was the very first Mysteryland ( 1992) and it was in my hometown. I wasnít on the official line-up but some friends persuaded the organisation to add me, because I was already known locally for doing a lot of parties. I played there with my mate dj Unity and we ended up playing a lot of hours because the party went on longer then expected.
Hell yes I was nervous. First time on such a big stage and playing side by side with the big names from those days. But itís something Iíll never forget. And by the way : Iím still always a bit nervous before playing, whether itís a big stage or a small party. A healthy kind of nervous that is, good for the concentration.

Q3 Ė At what point in your DJ'ing career did you start to write your own tracks, was it a natural progression for you ?

A3 Ė It started almost simultaneously. Only took a couple of years before I was satisfied that my tracks were good enough to be released. I already played some of my tracks at parties but that was kinda difficult from cassette or DAT tapes. But you can say it was a natural progression, I always liked the producing side of music and started collecting studio equipment from the moment I started dj-ing.

Q4 Ė This must be a hard question as you've wrote so many quality tracks but is there one track you've wrote that you're especially proud of and why are you proud of it ?

A4 Ė That is difficult yes. But the first one that pops up is : Dione Ė Pain ĎTil I Die
Iím proud of so many tracks but that one still works everywhere and I think itís my best known track over the years.

Q5 Ė Many people know that your DJ'ing career has taken you all over the world but is there one event or specific country thats on your list that you'd like to play ?

A5 Ė I could name a few exotic paradise islands but that wouldnít be realistic. There is no specific country on my list but there are few countries with a hardcore scene where I havenít played yet and where I would like to play some day, like Japan or Mexico.

Q6 Ė You write hardcore as Dione, the more raw end of the spectrum as E-Noid, and terror under the S.R.B. Alias. Is there one style out of the three you prefer the most, which alias excites you the most ?

A6 Ė It all depends on my mood. But right now I enjoy making SRB tracks more as the other stuff because I love working at faster tempos at the moment and it gives me more freedom to experiment. But that can change quickly. I just like every kind of hardcore and I can enjoy a good mainstream track just as much as a good terror track. Donít think in boxes.

Q7 Ė Over the years you've collaborated on tracks with lots of leading artists such as Ruffneck, Negative A, RTC and many more. Is there an artist out there who you'd love to collaborate with and why that artist ?

A7 Ė There are a lot of people I would like to work with. With some Iím already busy exchanging ideas at the moment so I wonít name them, letís keep that a surprise.
Other names I can think off are probably the usual suspects : Neophyte and/or Stunned Guys (because they are technically the best at mixing and mastering), Unexist (because I like his tracks a lot) and ofcourse Angerfist (because he poops out so many good tracks).

Q8 Ė Whats your thoughts on the direction the hardcore scene is headed at the moment, would you say its in a healthy condition ?

A8 Ė Thatís difficult. When you talk about the amount of people that like hardcore I would say it has been bigger and better back in the days but itís still very healthy. I personally donít want to go back to the situation where hardcore became a mainstream scene (like in Holland in the 90ís). For me, hardcore is and always will be an underground scene.

I do however think itís a wrong development that a lot of people only go to the big events and festivals but not enough to local parties and clubs anymore. If we wanna survive as a scene we need to attract more people to smaller parties again, and keep the underground alive.

As for the different sub genres in the hardcore scene : like I said before I donít want to think in boxes. Broaden your minds people, there are good tracks in every sub genre and itís just stupid to hate on djís just because they donít play your style. Keep an open mind and you will find musical gems in every genre. Hardcore is a feeling and not a concept.

Q9 Ė Can you tell us three people that have inspired you in your music career ?

A9 - In hardcore there are too many to mention but if I gotta name 3 it would be Marc Acardipane, The Dream Team and Neophyte.
In general, because I listen to a wide variety of music : The Prodigy, James Brown and Public Enemy just to name a few.

Q10 Ė Where do you see yourself in five years time ?

A10 - I still hope to be playing and producing a lot. Maybe being a bit more involved behind the scenes. I already mix and/or master a lot of stuff for other producers but donít have enough time to do as much as I would like.

Q11 Ė Do you have any exciting new project lined up you can tell us about ?

A11 Ė Nothing I can tell you about hehe. Some collabs, some of which will surprise people, and ofcourse Iím always working on a lot of new tracks.