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Everything updated :)
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Absence of Light --> best song ever! brainstabber...
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Holy Moses.
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can you please do a remix of Dj D - Mankind Warnin...
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Gas met die zooi ! :D






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SRB - This Is Terror showcase at Hardshock Festival

So, this year i was asked to play at Hardshock Festival again. But the organisation wanted to do something special this time, so
they came up with the idea to do a 'This Is Terror' showcase. They wanted Dj's Plague, Distortion, Suicide Rage and Dissoactive to take part in it, while i would take the lead in the whole thing because of being the label manager. After some more talks with the artists, the folks from Hardshock, and the people from Rige, we came up with a game-plan.

"What's the plan ? There is no plan..."

Yeah , we didn't really have a plan. We decided that Plague would be the MC, he's Canadian so at least the English wouldn't suck. Then we calculated that every artist would have around 10 minutes to play their own top tracks and i would fill the gaps with playing old and new SRB tracks. And we decided we should all wear the same shirt or something. Plus Distortion said he would bring a confetti gun and/or other fun stuff he had laying around, for extra entertainment.

In the days before the festival we heard our timeslot and noticed that we got 15 minutes longer. We decided that the best thing to do was to just fill the last 15 minutes by playing all together. For the rest we would stick to our poor plan. The stupid thing was that in the meanwhile i had become pretty sick, having the flu and on top of that some ear problems. Talking about bad timing.

But yeah, the show must go on. So, on the 15th of April it was finally the day to rock the Radiation Area on Hardshock Festival with our perfectly planned This Is Terror showcase. It was a cold day, feeling even colder at the Almere Beach because of the winds coming from the water. But luckily our area was inside a big tent this year, really happy with that because the years before i almost froze my balls off when playing. Guess that's the downside of Hardshock being the first festival of the season.

Luckily, we saw the weather forecasts so we decided to wear a "SRB presents TIT" baseball jacket on stage, in stead of the before planned t-shirts. Much warmer. But ofcourse Distortion forgot to bring his jacket and the one for Plague, so Plague had to lend one. And we forgave Distortion, because he did not forget to bring all the other stuff for on stage. And as a bonus he even brought some banners from the SRB b-day party last year, so it all looked pretty professional.

Just before it was finally our time to get on stage we had some last minute talks about our plan and we could see the big tent filling with party people who wanted to see our showcase. Or maybe they just wanted to escape the outside cold. Let's be positive and keep it at the first.

Anyway, the nerves started to kick in and lots of thoughts went through my head ; "maybe we should have practiced", "did i put that new track on my usb-stick", "did i lock the door when i left home", "what came first, the can or the can-opener" and more of those highly philosophical questions. Good thing was that the adrenaline made me totally forget about the fact that i was sick.

By now the time had come to get on stage and it seemed that all the guys were getting ready for the showcase. Dissoactive hooked up his laptop. Distortion put on his dj hat. Plague had a couple of beers and put on his mask. Suicide Rage had a couple or more beers. In short : we were ready. Let's hope the crowd is also ready, for 75 minutes of This Is Terror music.

At 20:00 it was finally time to start. I started playing the first 10 minutes after a short introduction by our MC Plague. And the first thing i noticed was that the crowd was very enthusiastic. I tried to mix as much tracks as possible in the first 10 minutes, before Distortion took over and played all the tracks we produced together. And all that time the people were very responsive, singing along and dancing their asses off, as much as was possible in the now totally packed tent.

The bpm's went up quickly during our sets, topped by Dissoactive who then played his fast tracks and made the people go crazy. Awesome to see that everyone enjoyed his tracks, also his new stuff which was unreleased at that time. Great set by this new talent, i'm pretty happy that Dissoactive is now part of the This Is Terror family. And i'm sure you will hear a lot more from him in the future.

In the meanwhile there was still an awesome atmosphere in our area, which was now so busy that i could even see people dancing outside our huge tent. It was time for me again, bringing the amount of bpm's a little bit back. The crowd was still going strong though.

And the confetti gun worked fine, such fun to blast a big amount of confetti to fill almost the whole tent. Plus we had a whole carton of silly string spraycans to create some extra mess. No matter how old you are, it still is fun to be using that stuff. Although our whole stage, all the dj equipment, our hair and everyones clothes were now filled with silly string too.

After my 10 minutes it was time for Suicide Rage, who turned up the bpm's a lot again. And the people loved it. This guy already has done a lot for the terror-scene in Belgium, shown by some fans who even brought an improvissed banner with his name on it. It made us all smile, and him even more ofcourse. Again a new name for the This Is Terror crew that you will be hearing a lot more from in the next years. "West-Vloamsn terror" taking over the world.

In the meanwhile the tent was still packed with people, Dissoactive was handing out stickers to fans, Distortion was working the confetti gun and Plague was standing on the tables on stage mc-ing. We all looked at each other once in a while and i could see everyone was happy. Such great crowd and atmosphere. And everyone seemed to have forgotten the cold outside.

Coming at the last part of our showcase i played some faster SRB stuff, in the last 15 minutes also supported by Suicide Rage. We kept playing around 300 bpm, a great tempo to keep everybody warm and to draw their last bits of energy out.

But all good times come to an end so it was soon time for the last track. Plague swept up the crowd for the last time and we ended with my track "Solid Cervezas". Amazing how everybody was singing along with it, far louder even then the speakers on stage. A great ending to a great showcase.

After the last track the next dj's took over and we left the stage with a great feeling. Everything had worked out nicely, the crowd was really amazing. And we knew this would be something we all would be thinking about for a long time. Ofcourse with many thanks to Hardshock Festival, the Rige crew and last but not least everyone at This Is Terror.

What else to say but this : "I love it when a plan comes together..."