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Everything updated :)
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Absence of Light --> best song ever! brainstabber...
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Holy Moses.
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can you please do a remix of Dj D - Mankind Warnin...
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2017/10/26 | SRB Hardcore Magazine
- Letís go way back in time, how did you come in touch with Hardcore? Was it love at first sight?

That's a long time ago, when the term 'hardcore' didn't even exist yet. I went to house parties from the very beginning and always liked the
harder house tracks better than the mellow stuff. And those harder tracks were the starting point for the later hardcore and gabber tracks.
Plus i always had a love for the faster stuff, been playing 200+ bpm stuff for ages, even when it was not so common as it is today.
So, you can say that i grew in it gradually and the nice thing about hardcore is that it keeps changing and moving in all directions.

- What is your vision on Hardcore/Uptempo?

There's only one thing that i don't like about a lot of tracks nowadays and that's that i miss originality in most tracks. A lot of producers are
copying others and try to make the same kicks and sounds over and over again. And that's happening in most styles nowadays.
It's also one of the main reasons why i love terror music because it's one of the few genres where all the big names go their own way
and have their own sound.

- What kinds of stuff can we except in the future?

Well, how about this : a brand new double cd album called "More Dutchcore". Containing 36 tracks. Starting at 200 bpm and going in all musical
directions up to 360 bpm speedcore stuff. With some nice collabs, remixes and classic SRB tracks that haven't been released on cd yet.
And next to that i will ofcourse be releasing a lot more 'SRB presents This Is Terror' releases.

- How do you keep care for your health when you have to travel a lot?

I poo on a regular basis.

- What is the best thing about the Hardcore scene?

That there still is a lot of fun going on and that people don't come to parties to show off or proof themselves, they come to meet their friends and
enjoy the music they like. It seems that the harder the music, the less fighting and hating there is.

- Which party are you looking forward to?

Hardcore Gladiators (30th of December), where i'm also celebrating my birthday again. Last editions were awesome, really nice atmosphere
as all visitors and dj's will tell you. And this time we have a lot bigger venue with lots more dj's including some of the biggest names in our scene.
I mean, come on, the SRB b-day area alone hosts dj's Noisekick, TerrorClown, The Vizitor, Suicide Rage, Dissoactive, Paranoizer, Plague
and myself.
And next to that there's a couple of other big events coming up like Thunderdome, Nightmare Germany and Army of Hardcore amongst others.
Pretty stoked to have so much events to look forward to.

- What does your studio look like?

My studio looks like a small room with too much stuff in it. Next to a lot of studio equipment connected by a couple of hundred meters of cables
there's also some dj equipment. It also houses lots of memorabilia from parties and gifts from fans. Plus the obligatory lava lamp and skulls.
A few vinyls. Some cd's. Acoustic treatment. My record bags. Headphones and a bunch of speakers.
But seriously : i own a lot of hardware and software, too much to mention. Maybe my twin brother Dione likes to tell you a bit more about it.

- Is there a message in your tracks?

Sometimes. But usually it's all about getting those feet moving on the dancefloor.

- Do you have any tips for the starting talented producers out there?

Be original. In the end it gets you the furthest. And don't be shy to send in your tracks (to my label for example, mail to :
Also : Be open for criticism and ready to start learning from others. Don't get too hung up on technical issues, focus on making a cool, original
and interesting track first. The technical side is something you will learn over the years. And if you end up with a good label it is that technical
aspect that they can help you with.

- Describe your music in three words

Solid Rocket Boosters.

- What was the absolute highlight in your career?

I love the fact that SRB started as a little side project but now has grown into something much bigger : playing sets with strictly my own
productions on events worldwide.

- Can you sum up the most important aspects of an event for you?

The most important thing is the crowd. When the atmosphere is good the rest will follow. And ofcourse you gotta have a good sound system.

- What do you mostly do when you are finished playing?

I usually step off stage and let the next dj do their thing. Except when i play as last dj ofcourse.

- What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Lots of good reactions. One thing worth mentioning is the people getting tattoos of my name or logo. People want to walk around
with something like that for the rest of their lives, just because my music meant something for them. That is a really big compliment.

- Professionally, whatís your goal?

First : to keep making music ofcourse. Secondly : to help more other producers with their tracks. That's why we started the "SRB presents
This Is Terror" label in the first place.

- What kind of things do you get your inspiration from when you make a track?

Lots of things. Either a good sample i found somewhere, or a cheesy track i heard and wanna incorporate. Or just a fat kick or sound i made
and want to use in a track. And lots of times when working on one track i come up with sounds or loops that don't fit that certain track, so i use
it as a starting point for the next track.