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Everything updated :)
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2017/10/26 | Dione Hardcore Magazine
- Letís go way back in time, how did you come in touch with Hardcore? Was it love at first sight?

Wow, that's long ago. I visited house parties from the beginning. My first big rave was "The Final Exam" what later became Thunderdome.
But i went to house parties even way before that. And i always liked the harder house tracks better than the mellow stuff. And those harder
tracks grew into what later became known as hardcore or gabber music. So, you can say that i grew in it gradually and still are growing with it.

- There is a lot of freedom in the genre we call Hardcore, still some people argue a lot about Hardstyle vs Rawstyle vs Hardcore.
What is your opinion about this?

I think a lot of producers should take more advantage of all this freedom. Because a lot of tracks follow some sort of concept and everything
that differs from that concept is not played enough. A lot of producers wanna sound like others in stead of creating their own sound. And a lot
of dj's are scared to think outside the box and play something else in their sets. I personally love to play everything from mainstream to terror
and everything in between. I consider it all to be hardcore. And i love it all.

- What kinds of stuff can we except in the future?

I'm currently working on some new Dione and E-Noid tracks, to be released when they are finished and i am happy with them :)

- Which party are you looking forward to?

First of all : Hardcore Gladiators (30th of December). Always a cool party and the last editions were really awesome !
And next to that there's a couple of other big events coming up like Nightmare, Army of Hardcore and Back2School.

- What does your studio look like? Which equipment do you have and which software is installed?

Ah, do you have a couple of hours ? I'm a pretty big gearslut so i have lots of stuff. Hardware and software. I try to keep track of everything
going on in the studio equipment business so i always keep buying new stuff. My software collection grows daily.

But to start : i have a pretty powerful Eye4 studio pc with Cubase (for producing) and Wavelab (for mastering and preparing samples).
In my projects i have a master chain with outboard API eq and Avalon eq/compressor and several high-end plug-ins.
All is connected through RME, Lynx and Universal Audio converters in such a way that i can integrate all my hardware in my projects in a kind
of modular fashion ; i can select and save for each project if i wanna be using outboard synths, preamps and/or compression without having
to switch cables. It allows me to switch between different projects without any problems.

When working in Cubase the first plug-in on every track in a project is usually Slate VMR with a couple of modules loaded, not only for
gain staging but also for rough sound sculpting. Then followed by plug-ins from DMG and/or UAD for the details. For channel software
compression i really love Eli Arousor, but also stuff from Kush Audio, Slate and UAD.

- How do you make your sounds ?

I own some hardware synths like Alesis Andromeda, Novation Nova and Moog Slim Phatty. But to be honest i mostly use softsynths nowadays.
My favourite is Serum, followed by Spire, Synthmaster and Sylenth. But i use others too, keeping it interesting. And i stack a lot of synths usually,
also with hardware, to make things sound just a bit fatter. Sidechaining is usually done by either Volumeshaper or Lfo Tool, which are also easy to automate.

For reverbs i use both hardware from Eventide and Lexicon, as well as software from Valhalla (must-have) and others like Lexicon.
My favorite delays are from Audio Damage, Soundtoys and Fabfilter, but i will use anything that sounds right in every situation.

My go-to sampler is Kontakt, but i also use Battery and Halion now and then. I own a lot of sample banks, but one worth mentioning is Revolution
from Wave Alchemy, which basically gives you all important drum machines in one easy-to-use interface. And talking about drums : Revolution,
Softube Heartbeat and Drumazon are pretty much in every project. Or i grab some processed samples from Goldbaby for example. But i also
use sampled beats and chop them up or distort them.

- And how about making kicks ? Can you tell something about that ?

When making kicks i usually start with Kontakt, loading up some kicks from my collection and mangling them with eq and distortion. Then stacking
them with other channels of kicks, from either Kontakt or synths. For distortion i have so many options that i always try something else, both
hardware and software. Next to my beloved TC Fireworx i also use guitar pedals as hardware distortions, usually to fatten things up. And the
most used software distortions are from Kilohearts, Camel Audio, Unfiltered Audio and so on. But i love experimenting with preamps too, either
hardware (SSL and Mackie) or software (Kush or UAD). I work a lot with sub groups in Cubase, which allows me to be very flexible with all kinds
of routings, and which makes integrating hardware a breeze.

For edits and stuff i use filter and/or glitch plug-ins from Soundtoys, Vengeance, Sugar Bytes and Cable Guys. Or i bounce kicks and chop them
up manually. I always bounce kicks anyway, to be able to add some punch or transients, and to easily adjust volumes.

When my project is almost done i render most tracks anyway and let the track rest for a few days before i make my final mix decisions and
render the whole track. Limiting is done with Fabfilter Pro-L, or sometimes DMG Limitless or Elevate. I don't use a lot of compression on my
mixes, but when i do i use Slate VBC or Softube Drawmer depending on the situation, with just a little bit of gain-change to glue everything together.

Anyway, i could go on for hours. If you wanna see my complete kit list and some pictures, go to :
Or just ask me, i love talking about this stuff as you probably noticed :)